Generation of Chaos

“Generation of Chaos”, the first massive Strategy RPG for your mobile device!

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The Dravanian revolution ended in 1701 leaving a nation in ruins. In the wake of this chaos, Minister Zeo deftly rose to emerge as Dravania’s new leader. Before long, Zeo began to transform Dravania into a powerful military force. Now, Dravania has risen from the ashes to restore peace and prosperity to the rest of Lost Grounds…

©2011 IDEA FACTORY, developed for Android, licensed and published by HYPERDEVBOX

– The first massive Strategy RPG for mobile.
– Over 150 unique commanders
– 10 different campaigns
– Over 100 hours of gameplay
– 30 vs 30 epic battles in real-time
– Animated special attacks and spoken events
– Two touch configurations (including a tablet mode)
– Support for Touch & Keyboard with key mapping
– Xperia PLAY optimized (Android Only)